Parenting Skills Classes
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As a parent, you want to see your child succeed at school, get along with their peers, and grow into a productive member of society. You want your home be a place of peace and cooperation.

Changes don’t just happen, it takes time, understanding, patience, love, and discipline.

STEP (Systematic Training of Effective Parenting)

A seven week course that will provide you with proven positive parenting skills and strategies to improve family communications, develop cooperation, and establish effective disciple strategies that promote both self-esteem and mutual respect.

Each session you will hear how other parents are working through situations similar to yours and discuss topics covered in the readings and video segments.The sessions are also tailored to the participants needs with a Special Topics segment. At the first meeting, seven special topics will be chosen by the group.

Special Topics may include: Guilt, Managing Anger, Parenting Without a Partner,  Stepfamilies, Adoption, Giving and Receiving Criticism, Drug Prevention, Humor in Parenting, Bullies and Bullying, When Children Lie,or Ignoring Misbehavior.

Classes will be held at the our offices at 1595 NW Gilman Blvd.Suite 13, Issaquah, Wa, 98027

Which Class Fits Your Needs?

EARLY CHILDHOOD: for parents of children birth to 6 years old.

STEP: for parents of children ages 6-12, those who have been in school

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The seven sessions of EARLY CHILDHOOD focus on the following topics, plus the Special Topics chosen by the class participants.

      1. Understanding Young Children – their individual temperaments and stages of developments; the importance of play; appropriate parental expectations.
      2. Understanding Young Children’s behavior–  what misbehavior is- and what is is not; why children misbehave.
      3. Building Self-esteem in the Early Years– the importance of mutual respect and encouragement.
      4. Listening and talking to Young Children how to listen, talk so you are heard, communicate through touch and help children find the words for feelings.
      5. Helping Young Children Learn to Cooperate how much cooperation to expect from babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
      6. Discipline for Young Children why rewards and punishment don’t work and what works instead.
      7. Young Children’s Emotional and Social Development– ways to deal with crying, jealousy, fears, tantrums, bedtime, mealtime, toilet training, aggression and more.

7 Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm
Next series of classes start in January 
plus a $14.70 book titled Parenting Young Children
Adults only please
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The seven session of STEP focus on the following topics, plus the Special Topics chosen by the class participants.

  1. Understanding Yourself and Your Child-your child’s behavior always has a purpose.
  2. Understanding Beliefs and Feelings– all children want to belong.
  3. Encouraging Your Child and Yourself– understanding the difference between encouragement and praise.
  4. Listening and Talking to Your Child– how to listen, talk so you are heard,and help children find the words for feelings.
  5. Helping Children Cooperate- working together, understanding who really owns the problem.
  6. Disciplining That Makes Sense-  consequences build responsibility
  7. Choosing Your Approach-the situation alters which approach you will use.

7 Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 pm
Next series of classes start in January
plus a $12.74 book titled STEP, The Parent’s Handbook
Adults only please
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